November 2018 Release

What’s New in NeoLoad 6.7?

NeoLoad 6.7 is a major step in the Shift Left motion, enabling teams to test earlier in the software development lifecycle – at API level. New features such as performance tests as code, and Swagger file import to create tests make API performance testing easier and more effective.

Combined with enhanced APM integration and power features supporting traditional system-wide load testing, NeoLoad 6.7 positions NeoLoad as the most advanced enterprise platform covering performance testing at all stages of the software development lifecycle and supporting both modern and legacy technologies.

DevOps Shift Left: Test Often, Early, and as Code

Agile and DevOps teams seek API level testing as early into the software development cycles as possible to shorten their feedback loops (develop, test, correct, etc.). Testing that is becoming commonplace to see developers handling.

Testers also have an increasing development-oriented mindset. For this community, it is critical to leverage a tool that fits in with the way they work. This means using their preferred application development tool/IDE for performance testing.

NeoLoad aims to bridge the gap between Dev and QA by enabling DevOps teams to conduct performance tests as code with their everyday development tool/IDE, harnessing all the scalability and test results analysis power that have become platform hallmarks. NeoLoad 6.7 enables test definition settings in domain specific language (YAML).

Developers and testers can use existing test scenarios and use code to define the context in which they are intended for launch (test duration and VUs/load profile) – within an automated software delivery pipeline.

See “-project” option in command line documentation.

Accelerate API Test Design: Import Swagger/OpenAPI Files to Create API Performance Tests

Agile teams seek maximum automation and leverage existing application knowledge to accelerate test cycles. NeoLoad 6.7 enables testers and developers to easily import Swagger and any OpenAPI file or URL to quickly get a NeoLoad performance test scenario which matches the API definitions.

Shift Right: Enhanced APM Integration with AppDynamics

NeoLoad’s latest version also powers an enhanced AppDynamics integration which injects the AppD monitoring data into NeoLoad while the application load test is active.

Data is correlated, so AppDynamics insights incorporate into the NeoLoad dashboards to analyze application behavior and identify performance bottlenecks.

This new integration is available on Neotys Labs.

Learn more about NeoLoad APM integrations.

Expanded SAP GUI Load Testing Productivity

NeoLoad 6.7’s new features make SAP GUI load testing faster and more scalable.

  • Greater scalability: Remotely manage on the same machine several Load Generators running across various Terminal Server sessions. Beyond scalability, this also decreases the cost of the load test infrastructure, improving TCO.
  • Faster/Reuse of existing assets: Convert existing LoadRunner SAP GUI scripts to NeoLoad shifting quickly to Agile load testing.

To learn more read our SAP GUI Testing Guide.

LoadRunner Script Converter

  • NeoLoad’s LoadRunner script converter is now Open Source! Anyone can contribute to this project to make the path between LoadRunner and NeoLoad even more straightforward. Visit the script converter project page on GitHub.
  • More extensive conversion coverage. The LoadRunner converter supports more functions and covers SAP GUI scripts, enabling you to convert more LoadRunner scripts.

Other Cool Features in NeoLoad 6.7