September 2018 Release

What’s New in NeoLoad 6.6?

NeoLoad 6.6 represents a new milestone in our objective to deliver a performance testing platform which supports the requirements of large, distributed enterprises during their Agile software delivery evolution.

Enterprise Performance Testing PlatformOne-stop, Efficient, Secure

Entreprise Performance Testing Platform - Design
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Self-service Platform for Agile and DevOps Teams

  • Launch tests from NeoLoad web or control the platform from your CI/CD server
  • Use NeoLoad as a centralized point of access to your load testing infrastructure including your
    • On-premise load generators
    • Dynamic load test infrastructure using a private cloud or Docker: leverage NeoLoad controllers and load generators in the form of a Docker image
  • Available in NeoLoad Web since the version 6.0: analyze and share your load test results in real-time – all  from a web interface

Establish a one-stop, self-service performance testing platform across your organization to enforce efficient and robust testing practices across distributed Agile teams. NeoLoad Web is built-into your Free, Professional, and Enterprise editions. Try NeoLoad Web SaaS Platform or Install On-premise Version
Read more about NeoLoad Web Runtime

NeoLoad: The Foundation of Your Performance Engineering Data

  • Import third-party data into NeoLoad to enrich the performance testing analysis, or export NeoLoad test data into your toolchain
  • New NeoLoad Web monitoring API: Correlate third-party monitoring data into NeoLoad web during a test for deeper insight

NeoLoad Platform API – the Foundation of Your Performance Engineering Data

NeoLoad Platform API, the Foundation of Your Performance Engineering Data

Enforce a performance engineering approach where performance data is continuously monitored and correlated from the first component tests to production and from application server to end-user experience KPIs. Read more about NeoLoad Web API

SAP GUI Load Testing Efficiency

NeoLoad 6.6 brings enhanced efficiency to your SAP performance testing practice:

  • See SAP GUI screenshots in your test design to make it faster and easier to navigate each of your test steps while fine-tuning your scenario
  • Take screenshots of an error during runtime
Graph Substitution in NeoLoad Web Dashboard
  • Scale SAP GUI load tests: By-pass SAP GUI session limitation on Windows by launching several load generators across different ports on the same machine

Make your SAP testing more efficient and aligned with performance testing processes used for all your applications. Read more about SAP GUI Testing

LoadRunner Script Converter

Accelerate your shift to Agile load testing with NeoLoad leveraging your existing portfolio of tests designed with LoadRunner. NeoLoad 6.6 provides an enhanced converter allowing you to:

  • Rapidly transform LoadRunner scripts into NeoLoad projects
  • Start the migration when you want: No need to run LoadRunner scripts on your application first
  • Migrate Web – HTTP/HTML LoadRunner scripts, including those designed using “click and script”
  • Use the converter through the NeoLoad interface or through the command line to convert scripts in batches
Graph Substitution in NeoLoad Web Dashboard

Leverage your test assets using the industry’s most comprehensive and modern load testing platform available. Learn More about the Script Converter

AMQP/S Enriches NeoLoad Messaging Protocol Support

In addition to other messaging protocol support such as JMS and MQTT, NeoLoad 6.6 supports AMQP/S – giving users comprehensive coverage of IoT systems load testing.

NeoLoad Messaging Protocol Support

AMQP/S Enriches NeoLoad Messaging Protocol Support

With NeoLoad, develop using the latest technologies, test your applications with industry-leading protocols.
See the Full List of Supported Technologies

Integration with XL Release from XebiaLabs

NeoLoad 6.6 includes new integration with XL Release from XebiaLabs – a recognized DevOps and Application Release Automation tool.

  • Automatically trigger a NeoLoad performance test from XL Release
  • Detect performance regression directly within XL Release
Graph Substitution in NeoLoad Web Dashboard

This integration complements NeoLoad existing CI/CD plugins for Jenkins, Bamboo, and TeamCity.
Learn more about NeoLoad Integrations

Additional New Features Available:

  • Docker load generators are compatible with OpenShift
  • New Docker Controllers which settings can be overridden by environment variables.
  • Faster design for API Testing. You can provide a sample response so NeoLoad can help you designing extractors and validators:
    1. Edit the recorded response content during test design
    2. Define response content for a new manually created request
  • More efficient cross-versioning compatibility: Faster access to an older project version. This is especially beneficial for collaboration
  • Improved productivity of test settings: Bulk edit of load generators’ network interface