May 2019 Release

What’s New in NeoLoad 6.10?

The NeoLoad 6.10 release updates and enhances many of our recently added features to automate API and end-to-end application performance testing. The main enhancements include updates to the Test as Code capabilities, GIT support, APM integration, and more.

Test as Code

Prior NeoLoad releases offer the ability to automate API tests within CI pipelines or run ad hoc API smoke tests to see if recent code modifications degraded performance. Previously test as code functionality was available through the NeoLoad command line. Now, NeoLoad offers the option to create, run and manage performance tests as code via a standalone YAML file, as multiple semantic files and execute tests as code via command line, the NeoLoad Web API or the NeoLoad Web user interface.

  • Test as Code: as Standalone YAML
    Design and run tests in YAML as standalone code without dependency on a NeoLoad project, similar to a unit or non-regression tests. Execute tests as code in YAML through command line, the NeoLoad Web API or within the NeoLoad Web user interface.

    Test as Code: as One or Many YAMLs
    Concentrate tests as code in one unique file or split the logic into several, smaller, semantically consistent files (Scenarios, Variables, UserPaths, etc.) and reference them using includes. Includes promote test code reuse and sharing and ease switching between target environments.

    Test as Code: More Expressions
    Test as Code now supports control structures (IF, THEN, ELSE), inline JavaScript and new variable types (random number and counter).

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Learn more with the NeoLoad as-code guide


Improved GIT Integration

With prior NeoLoad releases, teams can collaborate, share and manage all test assets through their GIT version control system. Now teams can also run a performance test from NeoLoad Web based on a project retrieved from GIT – whether the test asset is a Neoload project, a pure YAML file, or a hybrid version. 

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APM Integration

NeoLoad Web’s API now offers the ability to retrieve a list of events (errors, failed SLAs, and failed monitoring thresholds) and to push them into third-party tools, like APMs. Testers can use API events to correlate performance and APM data to get more intelligent insights.

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Other Enhancements

Enhanced Proxies – Define and set proxies through the command line for both the NeoLoad Controller and Load Generators to ease continuous integration and Docker deployments.
Improved Security – NeoLoad now has stronger encryption between its Controller and Monitoring Agent.