NeoLoad Web Overview

NeoLoad Web is the centralized Performance Testing Platform designed for Continuous Testing :

  • Launch performance tests
  • Select your load generation infrastructure
  • Analyse test results in real time or for terminated tests
  • Customize dashboards, based on custom graphs
  • Share performance test results with Dev, QA, Ops
  • Connect performance testing data: import and correlate third party data / export NeoLoad test data
NeoLoad's Web-based Centralized Repository

Product Vision

NeoLoad Web is NeoLoad’s performance testing platform. It is designed to be the centralized and shared point from where testing teams can start their tests as well as analyze and access test results.


  • Leverage a self-service performance testing platform for all distributed team: one-stop, efficient, secure
  • Share test analysis for running or terminated tests with anyone involved: developers, QA managers, business stakeholders and product owners
  • View test results during runtime in Continuous Integration (CI) testing environments
  • Connect performance data: import third-party monitoring data into NeoLoad web or extract NeoLoad test data and build your own custom reports from 3rd-party data analysis tools

How It Works

  • Tests can be launch from NeoLoad web or from the NeoLoad Controller which executes the test locally and sends the test data to NeoLoad Web while the test is running
  • Test data is both stored locally on the Controller and stored within NeoLoad Web for a remote web-based analysis
Compare running tests against baseline test resuts
NeoLoad Web View of Test Data

Feature Overview

Test Runtime

  • Run performance tests from the platform
  • Select your load generation infrastructure

Performance Test Analysis

  • Overview of test with predefined graphs and global indicators
  • Detailed statistics for each element (Transactions, requests, monitoring counters…)
  • List of events that occurred during the test (Errors, Monitoring thresholds)

REST API to Access and Import Data

The NeoLoad Web centralized REST API provides access to test data for a running or terminated test. This data can be pushed to an external tool (for example Elastic Search, Tableau, etc.) or used to make a decision to continue or abort a process in a CI/automation scenario.

The API also enables you to import third-party data into NeoLoad Web and correlate it with your test data. Typical use cases are: import third-party monitoring data, import end-user experience KPIs from Selenium etc.

Trends in NeoLoad Web

Users can graph trends of key statistics covering several tests to quickly identify performance regression. Trends are essential indicators of the progress (or regression) of daily performance testing of newly-released versions of application components. Spotting trends in performance regression more quickly and pinpointing which changes introduced the regression, leads to easier and cheaper resolution. Trends also give testers an immediate and clear idea of the general quality trend of tests in terms of performance.

Multiple Customizable, Shareable Dashboards

  • Personalized graphical dashboards allow you to mix several elements and KPIs in the same graph (e.g. average transaction times, average request response time, and total transaction failed for each individual element)
  • Compare results of current test with baseline tests
  • Works for completed tests and running tests in real-time
  • Collaborate and share test results easily using a web-based centralized interface, to stakeholders who would like to participate in (or just consume) the analysis, but who are not performance testing specialists

Graph Substitution in NeoLoad Web Dashboard

A tester can easily replace the graph of an existing test with another test in that same dashboard, as well as all other dashboards that use that same graph, in order to reproduce the analysis done on a test (including defined graphs, etc.) on a new test. This saves time and speeds up both the process of building dashboards as workspaces, and the analysis of a new test result.

SaaS Deployment

NeoLoad Web is available as a SaaS deployment. SaaS-based deployment is the quickest and easiest way to get started with NeoLoad Web.

NeoLoad Web SaaS Plans

The NeoLoad Web SaaS Plans rely on two quotas:

  • Test execution – the cumulated duration of tests sent by the NeoLoad Controller to NeoLoad Web during the current calendar month
  • Storage – the cumulated duration of stored tests

SaaS Plans





UsageEvaluation and free usageUsers of NeoLoad Professional EditionUsers of NeoLoad Enterprise EditionHigher Usage of Professional or Enterprise Edition
Test Execution
(Per calendar month)
(higher quota than predefined plan)
(Stored test results duration)
(higher quota than predefined plan)

How to use NeoLoad Web

Each user has a Free plan enabled!
As a NeoLoad Free Edition user or existing NeoLoad customer, you can access your free SaaS plan, which has been already provisioned.

Where to start

Invite your colleagues
If you are an Account administrator, you can invite colleagues to join your Account within NeoLoad Web or from the customer area.

NeoLoad Web Resources

NeoLoad Web Doc


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