Session 301:
Advanced Patterns for Performance Pipelines

Session 301

This hands-on workshop, we’ll take your performance pipelines to the next level by covering test data security, Git branches and test suite promotion patterns, NeoLoad as-code, APM data, Docker, and use of real-time results from the NeoLoad Web API. After the group workshop, you can schedule follow-up sessions with the instructor to dig deep into specific topics of interest.


  • Injecting Secrets and Credentials into tests in a safe manner
  • Git branches, tagging, and promoting changes to test assets
  • A Primer to NeoLoad as-code and neoload-compose for dynamic test suites
  • Integrating APM Data into your test results using Dynatrace
  • Attaching dynamic Docker infrastructure using the NeoLoad CLI
  • Using the NeoLoad Web REST API for real-time fastfail and custom analysis


Instructional Presenter: Paul Bruce, Performance Engineering Director at Neotys

Workshop Session 301

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