What’s New In NeoLoad 6.1 to 7.1 : Overview
Tuesday, 21st Jan, 15:00h – 16:00h IST
What’s New In NeoLoad 6.1 to 7.1

NeoLoad continuously delivers new features to support performance testing automation from APIs to end-to-end application testing. This webinar covers new capabilities with the 7.1 version and an introduction to NeoLoad Web & APIs. Henrik Rexed will also provide you some tips to code build. Don’t miss it!

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Create, run and manage performance tests as code via a standalone YAML file or multiple semantic files
  • Collaborate, share and manage all test assets through the native GIT/NeoLoad integration
  • Use OpenShift dynamic infrastructure capability for load tests
  • Reserve load testing infrastructure (controllers and load generators) and virtual users and avoid testing schedule conflicts among the teams
  • Schedule your tests to leverage your test infrastructure during off-business hours
  • Test Citrix with NeoLoad with a compact set of Citrix actions for better readability and easier to maintain scripts
  • How to utilize our latest Docker containers to trigger your test directly in NeoLoad Web
Henrik Rexed
Partner Solution Evangelist

Henrik is Performance Engineer at Neotys, a leading provider of load testing software. He has been orchestrating and conducting performance tests for over 10 years, delivering projects in all contexts including extremely large Cloud testing on the most demanding business areas such as trading applications, Video on Demand, sports websites, etc.
Prior to Neotys, Henrik worked as .NET architect for Logica and Performance testing expert on large accounts in a variety of industries including insurance, car industry, retail and energy. Amongst the numerous initiatives he worked on, Henrik has built the performance Center of Excellence (CoE) handling load testing of all the European branches of a major insurance company.