Go from weeks to days, days to hours

When it comes to the amount of effort to create and maintain performance test scripts, less is more. With today’s need for high-volume, high-velocity testing, speed matters — a lot. To release fast, you have to test fast.

Speed is the #1 reason enterprises switch to NeoLoad. It’s simply faster and easier to design and update test scripts. Customers find that with NeoLoad, testing goes from weeks to days, from days to hours.

 What makes NeoLoad different is that unlike other performance testing tools, you can design even complicated test scripts without writing a single line of code. Everything is drag-and-drop, point-and-click. No specialized expertise or know-how is needed. You avoid the complexity of coding scripts “by hand.”

But the real force multiplier is NeoLoad’s automated script maintenance. How often have you had to rewrite the entire test script because it broke each time the application code changed? In the DevOps “test early and often” world, broken scripts cost you the one resource in shortest supply: time. NeoLoad accelerates script maintenance by updating only the part of the test that’s changed and keeping everything else from the original design the same — all the heavy lifting is done automatically behind the scenes.

You can even convert existing functional tests (Selenium, Worksoft Certify, Tricentis Tosca) into performance tests with just a click.

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