How NeoLoad & Worksoft Certify Accelerate SAP Performance

Neotys & Worksoft have teamed up to deliver the perfect solution to help secure your journey to the Cloud, automating time-consuming elements of performance testing and enabling teams to reuse their functional tests assets as performance test scripts. This integrated solution will support not only simple web and mobile applications but also all your critical ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle, Siebel, Manhattan, and other COTS enterprise products.

Tests de performance Citrix avec NeoLoad

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During this webinar, you will see some key features of the integration between NeoLoad & Worksoft Certify:

  • How it converts functional tests to NeoLoad performance tests, minimizing the maintenance time of new versions of your customers’ scenarios
  • How you can help your customers to reduce their testing cycles, so they can validate the quality of their packaged app or web app.