Ne laissez pas votre migration vers les nuages assombrir votre performance

Every digital business, from banking to entertainment, utilizes cloud infrastructure as part of its critical business stream. Verizon, Samsung, Apple, Netflix – try to imagine them without cloud infrastructure. Now imagine how vital infrastructure performance is to their customer experience, just like it is for yours.

To optimize your performance and take advantage of the cloud, you need a smart strategy for implementing continuous performance validation that aligns with your development cycles.

Ne laissez pas votre migration vers les nuages assombrir votre performance

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Join this web seminar to learn key considerations for organizations migrating apps to cloud-based services like AWS and Azure.

You’ll also learn how to:

  • Correctly determine operational costs and flexibility with cloud-based resources
  • Avoid a data tsunami by focusing on cloud performance metrics that matter most
  • Compare the performance of one cloud to another for various workloads and geographic regions
  • Use historical performance insights during both first migration and subsequent change cycles