Atteindre l’excellence en matière de tests de performance pour vos applications SAP

SAP applications are business-critical for your core operations. They must be continuously tested to avoid outages and slowdowns due to new application upgrades, service packs, customizations, and enhancement packages.

Atteindre l'excellence en matière de tests de performance pour vos applications SAP

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What will you learn about?

Discover how to achieve performance testing excellence for your SAP applications. In this webinar we will cover topics such as:

  • Why performance matters for SAP applications
  • What are the typical use cases for performance testing, including deployment of new applications or customized developments, migration to the cloud, or upgrading to a new SAP release
  • Top challenges when testing SAP applications
  • Best practices for SAP performance testing
  • Demo of how to use NeoLoad for performance testing to test SAP more efficiently than with other tools.