Ranbir Singh | Management Information Systems Director

DELL Adopts NeoLoad SAP GUI to Build a One-Stop-Shop Performance Testing Platform for all their Applications


As a NeoLoad user for many years, Dell’s NeoLoad familiarity with the product is undeniable. And while the 35-year old information technology mogul has experienced its share of performance successes with the tool over this span, its latest NeoLoad engagement – SAP application testing, is likely Neotys’ most impactful Dell challenge yet.
According to International Data Corporation (IDC), the total enterprise storage market revenues have eclipsed USD 25B. As the largest supplier, Dell accounts for over one-fifth of total worldwide enterprise storage systems volume.

SAP is described by Ranbir Singh, Management Information Systems Director, as the “backbone of the business,” accessed daily by 2,000 sales representatives, and managing the entire ordering flow. It is 35,000 orders per quarter that are supported by the application. Performance is a significant stake, and having slower SAP flows or even outage due to performance bottlenecks has a direct impact on the business. Performance bottlenecks are not an option.

To ensure the best performance and user experience in production for customers and Dell associates, the performance engineering team certifies every release. The group acts as a gatekeeper and has the power to stop any release that would not meet the expected level of performance. To play its role and certify SAP releases, the Dell performance engineering team needs to rely on strong expertise and a robust performance testing platform.

Having used NeoLoad to test all of its internal and customer-facing apps, Dell’s also been using what they’ve considered an effective solution from a market-leading competitor for their critical SAP applications. Executing via multiple performance testing solutions proved satisfactory at first. Still, as the application requirements have evolved and become increasingly important to the company’s
bottom-line, the performance engineering team was looking for consistency and performance reliability. The Dell SAP implementation is relying on two main modules: the Java-based Hybris application that was already tested with NeoLoad and the SAP GA module. To consolidate through a single vendor, Dell added SAP GUI to the existing NeoLoad tested applications portfolio to validate
their SAP GA module in production.

The goal of the unified solution had some influence from the looming S/4HANA migration – the need to achieve faster, smarter, more agile, and innovative outcomes the new platform promises.

Adding the SAP GUI testing capability enables the Dell team to leverage, for all their applications, the same benefits in terms of velocity and productivity provided by NeoLoad. One unique testing platform makes the organization more efficient and contributes to the overall improvement of the Dell performance engineering approach.

The Benefits of Using NeoLoad for SAP Testing

In addition to standardizing performance testing with one single platform, Dell can leverage for SAP GUI the same value of speed and efficiency that they already know for testing other applications with NeoLoad. After rounds of testing using NeoLoad, Singh and his team recognizes the importance and impact of NeoLoad vs. its legacy SAP performance testing solution. Let’s take a look at some of the elements in which the Dell quality engineering team will be evaluated with the tenets of speed, agility, and innovation in mind, according to their seasoned Director of IT. Currently, SAP testing at Dell represents ten performance tests per release, which amounts to 120 executions per year. The overall gain in efficiency applies to this volume of testing.

  • The overall efficiency of the testing tool: “While the ramp-up period associated with NeoLoad was flat, the GUI was much easier to use, which did result in efficiency gains during the early stages of execution.”
  • Test design:
    Dell continues to work through the scenarios that run through NeoLoad from the simple to the complex. To date, a straightforward project is “taking upwards of 40% less time to design and create scripts. NeoLoad requires fewer functions than the legacy tool and makes it easier to work with transactions. Overall, NeoLoad helps design scripts faster.
  • Updating/maintaining an SAP test:
    “NeoLoad’s maintenance utility not only was significantly easier to manage, but it also saved 30% of our time and effort compared to the existing established tool (including the User Path update function).”
  • Test analysis:
    Analyzing test results with NeoLoad enables Dell to identify performance bottlenecks at the transaction level, providing a more in-depth insight compared to the legacy visibility at the user level only. In addition to the NeoLoad’s reporting facility, Dell leverage the integration between NeoLoad and Dynatrace to analyze the application under test even deeper.
  • Working in one place:
    One of the highest usage values recognized by Dell is NeoLoad’s ability to provide all testing features in a single window – scripting, test runtime, and analyses are done in the same UI, making the entire testing process faster, more efficient.
  • Working with Neotys:
    “Singh cites the responsiveness and collaboration from the Neotys support staff (something rarely experienced with their legacy partner) as a critical differentiator. As a result, leaving him with the “confidence” that complex scenario execution will soon achieve similar success.


What’s Next

Looking back on the experiences, the evaluation, and eventual consolidation through NeoLoad, Singh satisfyingly confirms that “we are much more efficient from an issue identification and reconciliation perspective – a feeling that we’re not accustomed to.” No doubt, a good start for the Dell team as they build on the solid foundation NeoLoad has helped develop.

The volume of SAP testing currently represents 120 tests per year. With the requirement to integrate Dell and EMC business flows, the scope of SAP will grow and become a major IT project for Dell, including SAP upgrades and new features deployment. The entire SAP architecture will be changed. SAP performance testing requirements will evolve in the same proportion, and Dell is confident that
the NeoLoad platform will support the team in making sure this huge project will be deployed in confidence, providing the best user experience and the highest reliability.


With NeoLoad, typical projects now take upwards of 40% less time for script design and creation. Dell has also saved 30% maintenance time and effort compared to their legacy solution.

Commencez les tests avec NeoLoad, la plate-forme de test de performance continue la plus rapide, la plus réaliste et la plus automatisée du marché.