Integrated Solution Accelerates the Application Lifecycle by Combining Performance Testing and Performance Management

New York – November 2, 2010

Neotys, a leader in easy-to-use, cost effective load testing tools for web applications today announced the availability of the NeoLoad-CA APM Integration Module, which was developed under a recently signed technology partnership agreement with CA Technologies (NASDAQ: CA).

This module allows performance and load testing engineers to use NeoLoad to analyze slow and failed transactions that occur during load tests with CA’s Application Performance Management solution (CA APM) so that they can identify the causes of performance problems. By identifying these causes with CA APM, performance engineers can find and fix problems more quickly and accelerate the application lifecycle.

The new integration extends the value of Application Performance Management (APM) for Development and QA teams. It provides customers with a holistic APM approach from development all the way to production. Developers and QA engineers now have greater visibility into application performance characteristics, accelerating the detection and resolution of performance problems. By having pre-production, end-to-end visibility into the performance of critical transactions within complex web applications, customers are more likely to release applications on schedule and have a trouble free launch while maturing their overall lifecycle management process. They also can improve productivity, deliver a better return on investment and improve synergy between pre-production and production performance environments.

“Combining the power of NeoLoad to simulate and load test high volumes with the performance monitoring and analysis of CA APM reproduces real world views of how our customers’ applications deliver business services,” said Jeff Cobb, senior vice president of strategy, assurance, CA Technologies. “By linking pre-production application performance testing with application performance management, we are helping customers realize value through high performing web applications that support operations and brand equity.”

“Identifying and eliminating performance problems before applications are put into production is an essential element in deploying web applications that deliver business value,” said Stephane Jammet, vice president of sales and business development Neotys. “By integrating real time performance testing data from NeoLoad with CA APM metrics during load tests, users achieve a higher level of transaction analysis and optimize application performance with greater speed and productivity.”

NeoLoad is a web stress testing software solution that runs high-load scenarios on web applications to measure performance and robustness prior to deployment. Unlike other web testing tools that require scripting, and are overly complex and expensive, NeoLoad is easy-to-use, thanks to an intuitive GUI interface, requires no scripting, and provides a rich feature set at a cost effective price point. NeoLoad supports all web and application server technologies including the latest releases.

CA APM manages the performance and availability of business-critical applications and their back-end transactions, services and the end-user experience of customers that access online services. CA APM is designed to proactively identify and prioritize problems based on business impact, before end-users are affected to provide end-to-end visibility for pre-production and production transactions. It offers real-time application performance management, including the monitoring of all transactions, automatic discovery of application components and their dependencies, and technology to more quickly pinpoint the root causes of performance problems.

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