Thanks to the NeoLoad, the load testing software from Neotys, the factoring subsidiary of BNP Paribas was able to validate its web services’ reliability under load. It continues to use it regularly to maintain optimum performance

Gemenos, November 13 2007

Neotys, the company specializing in web application load testing software, announced today that its NeoLoad solution has been chosen by BNP Paribas Factor, the subsidiary of BNP Paribas, for testing its web services.

As part of its « Receivables Solutions » package, BNP Paribas Factor, which is wholly owned by the BNP Paribas Group, provides a number of services for its clients’ accounts receivable operations. These services, including factoring, reminders, debt collection and credit insurance, are designed to offer an inclusive and appropriate response to companies’ needs. The company, which employs 270 staff across France, gained its ISO 9001: 2000 certifications in December 2004. With a turnover of more than 8 billion euro (an increase of 17% over its 2005 figure), BNP Paribas Factor was the second best market performer in 2006, in a factoring market that totaled 100 billion euro.

To increase the value added provided to its clients, BNP Paribas Factor has put in place forty or so web services, one for each of the business processes that make up the factoring business (invoice and credit note remittance, requests for financing, authorization requests, etc.). In order to ensure the highest level of quality for these web services, and verify their operability before putting them into production, BNP Paribas Factor needed to find a solution that would:

– provide an accurate insight into the impact the web services’ load would have on existing applications;
– test the technical building blocks upon which its web services rest;
– detect and solve certain performance-related problems, then accurately evaluate the web services’ performance;
– assess the resources and measures required for their optimization;
– generally, provide a benchmark client for its web services that could be used to carry out regular operational tests.

To begin with, BNP Paribas Factor carried out its testing manually, but this quickly proved to be too complicated and costly, prompting them to look for a commercially available solution. During the fourth quarter of 2006, BNP Paribas Factor’s choice finally fell on the NeoLoad software package from Neotys.

« We needed a comprehensive and powerful tool that was also simple to use and quickly deployable. After downloading the software from the Neotys web site, and after only twenty minutes’ use, it became obvious that NeoLoad fulfilled all our requirements », explains Damien Vincent, IT Project Manager at BNP Paribas Factor. « It felt immediately familiar, which contributed to its ease of use, and was quickly assimilable. The basic features are easily accessible and we were quickly able to start the first load tests on our web services. Access to the more advanced features remains straightforward, with no real complications. For example, the use of variables is instinctive and well documented, and managing assertions (a major feature of NeoLoad) is simple too. In addition to its load-testing features, NeoLoad has also proved to be an excellent benchmark client for our web services, and we regularly use it to carry out operational and regression testing ».

Stéphane Jammet, Sales Director at Neotys, comments, « The BNP Paribas Factor case is a perfect illustration of NeoLoad’s comprehensiveness. Not only was the company able to validate its web services’ reliability under load prior to their production phase, but it also continues to use NeoLoad on a regular basis to enhance their quality, while at the same time verifying the performance of its entire information system »

About Neotys:
Since 2005, Neotys has been helping its clients in more than 60 countries to ensure their applications’ reliability, performance and quality. NeoLoad, load testing solution, ensures better efficiency enabling users to perform tests faster, while providing pertinent analyses and full support for all new technologies. At each stage of a project, Neotys consultants are on hand to guide users, thereby ensuring the successful deployment of applications.

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