More than 850 Oracle Forms Being Migrated; NeoLoad Identifying Performance issues; Assisting in Smooth Upgrade

NeoLoad Identified Serious Bottleneck; Paid for Itself the First Day

Merrimack, NH – April 27, 2009

Neotys, a leader in easy-to-use, cost effective stress and load testing tools for web applications, today announced that American TV & Appliance a leading regional retailer of furniture, electronics and appliances in the Midwest, is using Neotys’ NeoLoad to load test its more than 850 Oracle Form files that are currently being migrated from Oracle Forms6i.

Oracle Forms is a tool which allows developers to quickly create user-interface applications that access Oracle databases in an efficient and tightly-coupled way. Oracle Forms was originally developed to run server-side in character mode before MS Windows existed. It was then upgraded to Windows to function in a client-server environment.

Before upgrading to Oracle 10g, American TV ran its entire operation through character based Oracle Forms6i. American TV has more than 850 forms that interact with an Oracle database and in-house developed applications. Currently, it has upgraded about half of the forms to 10g and expects to complete the project early next year. Before going live in itsForms10g environment, American TV wants to be confident that its Oracle Application Server (OAS) can handle the Forms10g solution with no slow down in performance or other issues. This is extremely important since the cutover from Forms6i to Forms10g will happen in one night.

American TV used Neotys’ NeoLoad to help it with this massive project. NeoLoad is a web stress testing software solution that runs high-load scenarios on web applications to measure performance and robustness prior to deployment. Unlike other web testing tools that require scripting, are overly complex and expensive, NeoLoad is easy-to-use, thanks to an intuitive GUI interface, requires no scripting, and provides a rich feature set at a cost effective price point. NeoLoad supports all web technologies and application server technologies including J2EE, .NET, PHP, AJAX, SOAP, FLASH, FLEX and Oracle Forms.

NeoLoad allowed American TV to quickly simulate a high load of realistic traffic that provided meaningful data. The company’s software engineers used NeoLoad to apply test scenarios that reflected actual user activity on specific business processes on the OAS. This allowed them to analyze OAS architecture, metering and log files while determining the scalability of its systems and how to best configure OAS resources.

NeoLoad has been invaluable during this massive Oracle forms migration project,” said Paul Janda, database administrator, American TV. “By using the tool to run test scenarios, we learned an incredible amount about the Oracle Application Server’s performance resources and Forms10g runtime environment. Learning about these resources in a production environment would have been exceptionally time consuming, stressful and very risky. NeoLoad saved the team time, money and considerable heartache.”

“For organizations like American TV that are modernizing their Oracle Forms applications, getting things right from the beginning is critical,” said Stephane Jammet, vice president of sales and business development, Neotys. “We are thrilled that Neotys has been so helpful to American TV’s Oracle migration project and has minimized the stress and costs of such a tremendous undertaking.”

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