Load and Stress Testing Provider Seeks Additional Partners Worldwide

Merrimack, NH – July 27, 2009 – Neotys, a leader in easy-to-use, cost effective load testing tools for web applications, today announced the Neotys Service Partner Program for companies that specialize in web application quality and performance testing and seek to expand or update their offerings.

Neotys offers a web load and stress testing solution called NeoLoad which runs high-load scenarios on web applications to measure performance and robustness prior to deployment. Designed exclusively for web and RIA applications, NeoLoad is easy-to-use, requires no scripting, and provides a rich feature set at cost effective price points. NeoLoad supports all web and application server technologies including J2EE, .NET, PHP, AJAX, SOAP, FLASH, FLEX and Oracle Forms.

The market proliferation and mission critical nature of web applications has rapidly increased the need for load and stress testing. These tests ensure performance targets are met before applications are deployed and keep performance tuned throughout the lifecycle. Neotys is actively seeking new partnerships with organizations that provide web application consulting, design, quality assurance and testing services that want to generate new services business in this fast growing space. NeoLoad offers service providers unprecedented value in performance testing capabilities, increased productivity and cost effectiveness.

“Today, web applications are at the heart of most companies’ Internet sites,” said Gerald Labie, business development executive, Neotys. “Internet sites regularly touch a great number of customers, key stakeholders and directly affect brand equity. In this environment it is vital that application performance and quality be verified before applications ‘go live.’ This important prerequisite has created a tremendous business opportunity for organizations that provide web and RIA application performance and load testing services. NeoLoad complements these services by strengthening their core value and extending their reach.”

The Neotys partner program is ideal for companies that are either experienced in web application and performance testing, or who wish to offer these services in the future. Neotys offers two levels of partnership – Neotys Service Partner or Neotys Certified Service Partner. The designation is determined by a company’s business strategy and experience managing projects.

Key Features of Neotys Service Partner Program

Training and certification

Neotys offers a series of training modules for partners to match needs and level of expertise including a certification program. Partners can begin using the NeoLoad tool with only three days of training.

Dedicated Technical Support

Neotys partners receive dedicated technical support, free of charge, for maximum responsiveness.

Tailored License Systems

Neotys provides service partners NeoLoad design licenses at no cost. These licenses allow partners to efficiently implement all pre-sales phases of test projects. Partners can easily demonstrate and carry out all feasibility studies at their clients’ premises. Service Provider licenses are provided at preferential rates.

Sales and Marketing Collaboration

To enhance collaboration, Neotys showcases partner offerings by spotlighting mutual success stories on the Neotys website. When appropriate, business leads are also exchanged.

For more information about the Neotys Service partner program contact Gerald Labie at (646) 502-8061


Neotys develops software solutions to improve the quality and performance of information systems. Its flagship solution, NeoLoad, tests the performance of web applications using customizable scenarios for load and stress. Neotys was founded in 2005 by a group of software developers and IT project managers who recognized a demand for a new software solution, at an accessible price, to test the performance of web applications. For more information about Neotys and NeoLoad visit: www.neotys.com or contact or (603) 429-9402.