Voici les problèmes connus les plus importants de NeoLoad 4.0 :

  • « Update Project » Issue with SVN 1.4 servers for shared projects.
    When NeoLoad uses a Subversion server 1.4 to store Collaboration data, the update wizard says that files have been changed even when no modification has been made on the project.
    Workaround: Use Neotys Team Server or SVN superior to 1.4.
  • In a collaborative project, some use cases result in a project broken consistency.
    In a collaborative project, when two users create the same server with the same name, one of the two projects may be corrupted.
    Workaround: Rename the server before publishing the project.
  • When a LoadGenerator does not respond to the Controller, the “Runtime” panel is frozen for 3 minutes.
    When a LoadGenerator is not responding during a test (when running out of memory for example), the Runtime section is not refreshed until the LoadGenerator finally responds or a three-minute time-out is reached.
  • NeoLoad Technical Publications cannot be displayed with Internet Explorer 9.
    The NeoLoad online documentation supports Internet Explorer 7 and 8, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari.
    Workaround: In IE9, press F12. In Document Mode, select IE8 standards.
  • Some context-sensitive help missing.
    From a few NeoLoad screens, the F1 key does not open the contextual help.
  • In a collaborative project, tagging a project twice with the same tag name makes NeoLoad freeze.
    Workaround: Avoid to tag a project with an existing tag name on the Team Server. Use another name.