Srivalli Aparna

Srivalli APARNA

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Understanding solution architecture for better performance testing

When starting a new performance testing engagement, it can be challenging to understand the technical landscape as well as the business problem, especially when working in a complex enterprise landscape (system of systems). In my experience across a multitude of enterprises in New Zealand, solution architecture diagrams and documentation are a good starting point and can save performance testers a ton of time and rework while devising a performance test strategy. They also provide a great framework for communicating risks and issues. In this presentation, I will highlight the benefits of analyzing and understanding the architecture of the solution under test, as well as touching on what specific kinds of information we should look for and how it can be presented. I believe that performance testing cannot be performed using a black-box approach – as a minimum we need to know all the components and how they talk to each other. This feeds value into each stage of the performance testing lifecycle.

About Srivalli

I am currently working as a Senior Test Consultant for The Testing Consultancy in New Zealand. I’ve been working in the performance testing space for almost a decade, mostly as an external/consultant. I have had the opportunity to work on diverse technologies and business domains during my consulting career.

I have previously had the opportunity participate in the performance testing community by attending:

  • Neotys Virtual PAC 2018
  • WOPR #26, a three-day workshop in Melbourne. WOPR (Workshop on Performance and Reliability) is an invite only, prestigious workshop in the field of Software performance.

Performance testing is a continuous learning area and I like sharing the best practices that I have been learning working with a lot of smart people in my career.