Discover why more enterprises are switching to NeoLoad

Enterprise performance testing for today’s reality

Most enterprises are finding that the performance testing tools that have served them well for the past 10–15 years are no longer sufficient to meet the pace of today’s faster release cycles.

All too often these tools leave performance testing a highly manual, time-consuming undertaking that requires expertise and specialized know-how. Performance testing has become a bottleneck.

We hear from organizations time and again that they need a more modern and productive alternative that breaks down the silos of expertise, helps clear the QA logjam and empowers every team — experts and non-experts alike — to test faster and fix problems earlier.

And that’s the key: it has to work equally well for everybody.

 Enterprises performance testing isn’t “either/or” — it’s “both”

Today’s reality is that enterprise performance testing is a complex combination of both centralized teams of experts and distributed teams of non-experts, both monolithic enterprise-grade apps and microservices-based architectures, both complex end-to-end testing and API testing, both automated and manual approaches.

What makes NeoLoad different from every other performance testing solution is that one single, standardized platform and approach can be used to handle all enterprise performance testing needs. NeoLoad is:

  • Designed for both traditional, manual as well as modern, automated approaches
  • Works for both experts and non-experts alike
  • Meets all the needs of complex enterprise performance testing
  • Is fast enough to support high-velocity testing
  • Scales across the entire organization to give you the predictability, validation and assurance that you’re used to but at the speed of automating in an Agile/DevOps environment.

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Discover 8 reasons why more enterprises are switching to NeoLoad