NeoLoad by Neotys

NeoLoad is the most efficient enterprise-scale load and performance testing platform.

It covers cloud-ready, microservices architected, mobile/IoT and enterprise-grade packaged apps such as SAP.

Discover NeoLoad, Load Testing Tool:

  • Design, run and analyze the most realistic load and performance tests
  • C/S controller and web (SaaS or On-Prem) performance testing platform
  • Covers from API performance testing up to the system-wide end to end load testing
  • Support of the latest web and mobile technologies and enterprise applications such as SAP (GUI and Web) or Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Integrations with CI/CD servers for test automation; your toolchain including Git, APM and functional testing tools
  • Scale up to millions of virtual users with commercial editions

The NeoLoad free edition includes all product features, protocols, and integrations for tests up to 50 virtual users – the best way to evaluate the other NeoLoad versions.

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Load Testing Tool

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