Record SSL-Secure Oracle forms requests

To record SSL-secure Oracle Forms Requests, the NeoLoad SSL certificate must be imported into the web browser. For more information, see Record an HTTPS application.

Moreover, in the case of an applet executing the JInitiator Java plugin, you need to declare the NeoLoad SSL certificate in this plugin.

  1. Close any open browser instances (Internet Explorer, Firefox, and so on).
  2. Open in a text editor the DO_NOT_TRUST_NeoLoadRoot.cer file located in the configuration sub-directory of the user profile directory.
  3. Copy the entire content of the file. Right-click it, choose Select All, then right-click it again and choose Copy.
  4. Open the <Jinitiator Home>/lib/security/certdb.txt file.
    <Jinitiator Home> is the JInitiator installation directory. Several versions of JInitiator may be installed. In this case, repeat points 4 and 5 for each version installed.
  5. Paste the previously-copied content at the end of the file. The content must be added. Ensure nothing is deleted in this file.
  6. Save the file. You don't need to restart NeoLoad for these changes to take effect.