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Record an HTTPS application

When recording a scenario, NeoLoad acts as a go-between with the browser and the web server. With a secure connection, NeoLoad has to decipher the traffic flowing between the two entities in order to analyze its content. Each time a communication is sent, NeoLoad decodes the incoming data, analyzes it, and re-ciphers it before sending it out again. This process requires the use of certificates.

Warning: Before recording the scenario, it is recommended to close all HTTP client applications (other Web sessions, Twitter client, and so on). NeoLoad records all the HTTP flows going through the machine. It is necessary to close HTTP clients or define exclusion rules in NeoLoad to avoid unwanted requests in the recording.

In This Section


Security warning

Install the root certificate

Certificate use

Remove a root certificate

New versions of NeoLoad

Applications using client certificates

Java applets

Start recording an HTTPS application

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