Creating a WebSocket Action

This section describes how to create a WebSocket action from scratch. To record a request using an existing client, see Record a WebSocket request.

A right-click on a Container (Transaction, page, etc.) gives access to:

A WebSocket action is created.

Name: The default websocket_request incremented name can be modified.

WebSocket channel: Because a WebSocket action requires a WebSocket channel, NeoLoad automatically associates the first channel found in the scenario. The associated channel is displayed as a link to access it directly in the design view. When there is no channel available or when it is necessary to assign another channel, a click on the Change channel button makes it possible to select another channel.

WebSocket request: This is the call to the WebSocket application, for example CONNECT.

  1. In the User Paths node, right-click a Container (Transaction, page, etc.), and choose:
  2. The WebSocket action is created.
  3. In Name, you can change the label of the WebSocket action.
  4. In WebSocket channel, you can select and change a channel with a click on Channel button.
  5. In WebSocket request, you can specify the calling action content.