Transfer a standard license key

An activated license key is associated with one machine. However, to meet specific needs (transferring NeoLoad onto a production machine, reinstalling NeoLoad, and so on), the license key can be transferred onto another machine, with the following steps:

The license key management tool helps follow the steps to transfer a license key. The Help > License management > License section > Use a license file option must be chosen. Clicking the Transfer to another machine button opens up the NeoLoad License Deactivation wizard.


The folder where NeoLoad creates the license-inactivation.req file to request the deactivation must be specified. Then clicking Next displays the confirmation screen.

The license-inactivation.req file must be sent to the Neotys central license server. It must be attached in the Web form on the Deactivate a license page or to an email addressed to

After the request is checked, the Neotys central server sends back an email saying that the license file can be used on the target machine. For more information, see Install a standard license key and Activate a standard license key.

  1. Click Help > License Management.
  2. Select License.
  3. Choose Use a License file.
  4. Click Transfer to another machine.
  5. In the deactivation wizard, select the folder for the deactivation request file and click Next.
  6. The last wizard screen confirms that the license-inactivation.req file is created. You must send the file, now or later, in:
  7. Click Finish to close the wizard.

Wait for the reply from the Neotys central license server saying that the license file can be used on the new machine.