System requirements

Operating System

NeoLoad is written in Java and should run on any platform supporting Java 8.

This software supports the following operating systems:

Disk Space

To install NeoLoad, it is recommended to have 500 MB disk space available.

To install a Load Generator or a Monitoring Agent only, it is recommended to have 300 MB disk space available.

CPU and Memory

Hardware requirements differ widely from one test to another. The greater the stress placed on the web server, the greater the demand placed on hardware resources by the Load Generator. Furthermore, requirements increase with the complexity of the scenario. Additional Load Generators may be used to further increase the load.

During the test, the Load Generator CPU and memory usage is monitored in the Runtime screen. If the CPU or memory usage level regularly exceeds 90%, either the number of Virtual Users must be reduced, or the think time between pages increased. Alternatively, additional Load Generators may be used.

A minimum of 1024 MB system memory is recommended.

Screen resolution

A minimum of 1024x768 pixel is required for screen resolution.