Publish a project

Publishing a project consists in pushing a local project onto the collaboration server in order to make it available for the other test team members.

The publishing action is driven through a wizard. The wizard lists the steps to publish all the changes brought to a local project:

  1. Selecting the elements among the ones which can be published
  2. Entering a comment for the publication
  3. Completing the publication

To open the project publication wizard, the Share > Publish Project command must be chosen or the Publish project elements on Collaboration Server button in the toolbar must be clicked. The Elements Selection screen is displayed.

The elements to publish are listed in the form of a design tree, making it possible to publish a selection of them:

Every element which can be published carries an icon bringing information about the kind of changes, and the way of the collaborative transaction. The publishing direction is always from the local machine toward the server. It is represented with a right-oriented green arrow.




Green arrow with a + (plus) sign: The vu_1 Virtual User is going to be pushed onto the server.


Green arrow: The container Container is going to be modified on the server.


Green arrow with a (minus) sign: The delay delay is going to be deleted on the server.

NeoLoad publishes only the elements selected in the tree view. Depending on the type of the selected elements, NeoLoad may also select the associated elements. For example, when elements are renamed, NeoLoad automatically selects the deletion and the addition of the elements.

In the publication wizard, a click on Next displays the Comment dialog.

A description of the publication can be entered. The comment will be available to the other team members who update their local project with the elements published. A click on Next displays the Publish dialog. All selected elements are pushed onto the collaboration server.

A click on Finish closes the publication process.

When, on publishing a project, a subset of selected element has been modified and published by another team member, NeoLoad determines that the elements to publish are out of date and need be updated before they are published. Publication is only available after the project is updated and the potential conflicts are solved. For more information, see Update a project.

  1. Click Share > Publish Project.
  2. In the Publication Wizard first screen, select the elements you want to load onto the collaboration server.
  3. Click Next.
  4. In the Comment screen, you can enter a description for the other team members.
  5. Click Next to launch the publication process.
  6. Click Finish to close the Publication Wizard.