Configure the NeoLoad module for Dynatrace

The Dynatrace integration module makes it possible to have NeoLoad start a Dynatrace session recording at the beginning of the test and stop it at the end of the test.


The Enable session recording start/stop when launching a test option can be configured to fit the selected Dynatrace App Mon version:

Server: Host name or IP address of the Dynatrace machine.

Port: Web Server port of Dynatrace (default: 8020 for non-secured connections, 8021 for secured connections).

Login: Administration account login (default: admin).

Password: Password of the administration account.

System profiles: Dynatrace system profiles. The Load profiles button makes it possible to fill in the list of available system profiles automatically.

Lock session: Tick the check box to protect the stored session from any automatic deletion procedure (clean up tasks for example).