Enable the integration of Dynatrace

With the integration of Dynatrace, NeoLoad can send data during a test to match NeoLoad requests with the analysis performed by the Dynatrace server.


When the Enable Dynatrace information option is selected, the Dynatrace module sends a specific HTTP header that allows the NeoLoad requests to be correlated using Dynatrace code analysis. The information corresponding to the NeoLoad requests can then be viewed in the Dynatrace client Diagnose Performance > Tagged Web Requests section.

The facing list box allows selecting Dynatrace or Dynatrace Appmon. When "Dynatrace" is selected, the Header field below is enabled. The value displayed in the field is the one recommended by Dynatrace.

  1. In the NeoLoad menu bar, click Edit > Preferences > Project settings > Dynatrace.
  2. Select Enable Dynatrace information.
  3. In the facing list box, select Dynatrace or Dynatrace Appmon.