What's new in NeoLoad 6.7

New features

To explore the new exciting features, see What’s New in NeoLoad 6.7.

Bug fixes

12201 - When a command line test that sends data to NeoLoad Web is stopped, then the test does not stop in Neoload Web.

12247 - Wrong mapping of SAP GUI Event columns.

12246 - Wrong mapping of SAP GUI Event doubleClickItem on tree node.

12240 - XHR Streaming requests are not seen by NeoLoad as streaming.

12215 - The Proxy password attached to a Zone may not be saved properly.

12202 -The LoadGeneratorAgent process may not stop properly on “Exit”.

12206 - The Load Generator Docker container contains too many files.

12241 - Closing a websocket channel is clearing all cookies.

12233 - Screenshots are not taken correctly with macOS 10.14 Mojave.