Script Converter

The Script Converter makes it possible to convert LoadRunner scripts into a NeoLoad project.

The Script Converter converts LoadRunner Scripts from a folder previously created and including all the scripts to be processed. After the conversion process, the Script Converter creates a NeoLoad Project containing the Virtual User Paths corresponding to each LoadRunner script and provides a detailed summary of the events occurred during the process.

The Script Converter is accessible by selecting the Script Converter command in the Tools menu.

The Script Converter wizard guides you through the whole conversion process.


Directory: A click on the folder icon allows selecting the folder including the scripts to be converted.

Project name: The field is to be filled in with the name of the NeoLoad project based on LoadRunner scripts converted.

Directory: A click on the folder icon allows selecting the NeoLoad project destination folder. The path can also be entered manually.

A click on the Next button starts the conversion process.


When the conversion is done, a summary provides useful information about the conversion process such as the actions, functions supported or not. For more information, see Coverage below.


A click on the Finish button validates the Script conversion.


This section lists the LoadRunner functions and parameters covered by the Script Converter.

Web functions

LR functions

String and numeric functions

SAP GUI functions

For the complete list, see custom-action-mapping.yaml.


Below is the list of LoadRunner parameters that can be converted into a NeoLoad project:

Selection statements

Not Covered


During the LoadRunner Scripts conversion, two log files are created in the NeoLoad project folder:

Execute the Scirpt Converter on the command line

The ".exe" file of the Script Converter is provided with NeoLoad. It is available in the "bin" folder of your NeoLoad installation.

To launch the Script Converter on the command line, open a command prompt and enter:

java -jar <install-dir>\converters\converters-launcher-{version}.jar -source "C:\LoadRunnerScripts\MyAppX" -target "C:\Users\Documents\NeoLoad Projects\MyAppX" -project "MyAppX"