Clone a repository

NeoLoad 6.2 makes it possible to collaborate on test projects using a GIT collaboration server. For more information about configuring the connection to a GIT server, see Configure the connection to a collaboration server.

Once the connection to the GIT server is configured in NeoLoad 6.2, the collaborative project can be retrieved from the server by using the Clone Repository command accessible via the Share menu.

The Repository path field must be filled in with the path to the repository shared on the GIT server. The path entered in this field must end with “.git” to be valid.

The URL field displays the URL to the project shared on the GIT server. It matches the information entered in the Collaboration Preferences menu.

The directory where the Neoload project is stored locally can be changed by clicking the Browse button.

1. Choose Share > Clone Repository

2. In the Repository path field, enter the path to the repository shared on the GIT server previously configured.

3. Click the Browse button if you want to modify your Neoload local directory.

4. Click the Finish button to retrieve the project.