Share with NeoLoad Web

NeoLoad Web allows you to share your test results, live or finished, with your team or project owners through a web browser.

In a nutshell, when a test is executed by NeoLoad, it can push the data to NeoLoad Web for a remote web based analysis.

What are the benefits:

It requires an option in the NeoLoad license. This option is included in the NeoLoad Free Edition and the NeoLoad Enterprise Edition. It is not available in the Standard Edition and is a paid option in the Professional Edition.

Free and easy to try

NeoLoad Web is available as a SaaS for an easy and quick deployment. A free SaaS plan is automatically provisioned for existing customers and for new users who download the NeoLoad Free Edition. Existing customers need to evaluate NeoLoad Web by using a NeoLoad Free Edition or an Enterprise Edition. For a deeper evaluation (more Virtual Users and more SaaS consumption), contact Neotys Sales to set-up a trial.

See how to get started with NeoLoad Web.

For more information about NeoLoad Web, visit our website here.