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Execute Java code

In This Section


Operation and syntax

Write the Java code

Configure NeoLoad

Prepare the data

Design the Virtual User

Validate the Virtual User

Tests and results

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Design - General

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Create realistic populations

Validate a server response

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How to extend NeoLoad capacities using Custom Advanced Actions

Why does Component Testing matter?


During a load test, it is possible to execute Java code that is external to the Virtual Users. This feature allows NeoLoad functional range to be extended in order to create Virtual Users with a very complex behavior.

This tutorial takes as its example RMI (Remote Method Invocation) calls to a remote Java server. The server provides two services: one gives the dollar value of a stock on the US Stock Exchange, the other provides for the conversion of one currency to another. You are going to string together the call to these two services to obtain a stock price in Euros.