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How do I configure a scenario?

Why does not the Virtual User behave as expected?

Why does my transaction replay incorrectly or contains errors?

How does NeoLoad manage cookies?

How can I have different simulated actions with several Virtual Users?

How can I vary the users?

How do I validate the result of a request?

Why use a variable extractor?

How do I add a prefix or suffix to a random variable?

How do I transfer a project from one Controller to another?

How do I enable/disable the screenshots?

How do I change the server for all the requests?

How do I carry out IP spoofing with NeoLoad?

Why does an NTLM authentication window appear during recording?

How do I set up a test if my loading criteria is based on transactions per hour?

How do I specify the character encoding for the parameters in the query string?

How should I handle IDs like ClientId, MessageId, DSId, and CorrelationId in NeoLoad?

Where are the log files stored?

Why doesn't my Internet connection work after recording with NeoLoad?

Why does the "Stop Virtual User" logical action disappear from version 4.1?

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