Start a test

NeoLoad provides two test modes:

  1. Set the level of information NeoLoad should retrieve in the scenario's advanced settings, described in Scenario advanced settings.
  2. Click Run > Start Debugging to start the test in debug mode.
  3. At the end of the test, the Details tab in the Results section allows you to validate the virtual user runtimes, described in Details.

When you click on either of the buttons, a new window opens in which you may add a description for the test to be launched. This description will be inserted in the test results and will help identify the purpose of the test.

This window also features a check box that gives you the option of updating the cache. This check box is enabled where appropriate, that is to say only if a Virtual User has been configured with the cache management set to "Returning user" mode. If this box is checked at the start of the test, a Virtual User is launched in order to retrieve the cache information.

When running an SAP test, the Show SAP GUI interface and take screenshots on error option allows displaying the SAP GUI interface to take snapshots of the SAP GUI interface containing errors. It is recommended to select this option only in debug mode as it consumes a large amount of graphical resources. In debug mode, the option is selected by default.

The Transfer data to NeoLoad Web in Workspace checkbox enables to send to NeoLoad Web the data related to the test you are about to start and select the specific Workspace where you need the test data to be transferred.

You can see the date limit of your Account subscription as well as the consumption levels of your Account subscription thanks to the Current month tests and Saved tests gauges. For more information, see NeoLoad Web in the Preferences section.

Click Play to start the test and be able to follow its progress in real time.