Create a Windows monitor

NeoLoad makes it possible to create a new monitor either using the monitored machine creation wizard, as described in Create and configure a monitored machine, or from an existing monitored machine, as described in Create and configure a monitor.

Name: Visual name used to represent the monitor in NeoLoad.

Host: Machine physical name (hostname or IP address).

Login: The user account login associated with the monitored machine. When the domain name is to be specified (optional), the format must be: "{domainName}\\{userName}".

Password: The password associated with the login entered in the Login field.

Monitoring interval: This refers to the interval between two monitor value readings for that connection. The recommended default interval is 5 seconds. Too short an interval could have a negative effect on the server performance.

The Check button allows testing the connection to the server. If it fails, it is necessary to check the monitor settings. A specific error message helps identify the possible cause of the connection failure. Pressing F1 gives a list of prerequisites for each type of monitor.

Available counters

On a typical Windows server, the main, basic counters are as follows: