Java & Jamo Solutions M-eux Test

NeoLoad can be integrated with any Java or C# program in order to have this external program send data to NeoLoad using the Data Exchange API. This allows you to analyze and correlate the data in the External Data section of NeoLoad.

A typical use of this mechanism is to use a program to drive a limited number of real devices (mobile or desktop), measure end user experience indicators, like the time to load a web page, and send these measurements to NeoLoad while a load test is running.


This guide uses the example of a Java-based test case generated by the mobile testing solution M-eux from Jamo Solutions.

This use case sends indicators to NeoLoad, such as end user experience measurements as well as device vitals (CPU, memory, etc.) from a limited number of real devices.

All of this is done while NeoLoad has virtual users running against the server at protocol level (HTTP).

Jamo Integration Guide