SNMP Monitoring

During the web stress test, NeoLoad monitors any SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) enabled device reporting its behavior in real time. NeoLoad’s Web Stress SNMP monitoring collects performance data from network devices (bridges, routers…) to be added to the standard results statistics, in order to pinpoint network glitches and bottlenecks.

NeoLoad is shipped with several standard MIBs (Management Information Bases) installed. These contain a wide range of useful variables to be monitored. NeoLoad makes it simple to monitor and manage objects using customized and pre-defined OIDs, selected from MIBs.

Availability of SNMP monitoring counters depends on the monitored device. For instance, a router typically provides counters for network packets speed, errors rate, etc. In addition, some application servers also provide an SNMP connector to monitor counters for connections pool size, throughput, memory heap size, etc.

This screenshot of SNMP Monitor picker shows how to create SNMP monitors by specifying an OID or loading a MIB:



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