SAP NetWeaver Monitoring


  • Preconfigured Monitoring: Each module ships pre-configured with the performance counters tailored to your system.
  • Threshold Alerts: NeoLoad provides threshold values –derived from industry best practices- to raise the appropriate alerts.
  • Agentless Monitoring: The design of our monitoring modules, based on industry standards, ensures non-intrusive remote monitoring.
  • Real Time: The counter values and the threshold alerts are available as soon as the test is run.
  • Import: Import data from external monitoring tools.

Note: All the modules are included with the free edition.

Performance Counters

With SAP NetWeaver monitor, NeoLoad listens all of your SAP NetWeaver Application Server (since 7.1.x) critical counters, including:

  • Sessions. Data counters for this category contain usage information for HTTP sessions. Examples include the total number of accessed sessions and the average number of concurrently active HTTP sessions.
  • Transactions. Monitors transactions for the whole server including committed et rolled-back ones.
  • HTTP Channel. This section allows the user to monitor the HTTP access point.
  • JMS. This section allows the user to monitor the JMS runtime counters for each server instance.
  • Applications. This section allows the user to monitor overall connectivity to back-end resource systems.
  • JDBC Connection Pool. This section allows the user to monitor the JDBC connection pool counters. The counters are available for each server or connection pool.
  • Portal. This section allows the user to monitor activities and applications of the SAP portal.
  • Requests Performance. This section allows the user to retrieve JARM counters (Java Application Response Time Measurement).
  • Memory. This section allows the user to monitor memory usage of the SAP NetWeaver Application Server (used, available…).
  • Thread Pools. Monitors thread pool information for the WebLogic Server.

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