Oracle Monitoring

These monitors collect the main performance statistics for Oracle® database servers. The data collected will help you evaluate the performance of your database during the load test and pinpoint any problems related either to the application’s development or to the various server parameter settings.


  • Preconfigured Monitoring: Each module ships pre-configured with the performance counters tailored to your system.
  • Threshold Alerts: NeoLoad provides threshold values –derived from industry best practices- to raise the appropriate alerts.
  • Agentless Monitoring: The design of our monitoring modules, based on industry standards, ensures non-intrusive remote monitoring.
  • Real Time: The counter values and the threshold alerts are available as soon as the test is run.
  • Import: Import data from external monitoring tools.

Note: All the modules are included with the free edition.

Performance Counters

Monitors are classified by category, each category providing several performance counters for memory, call speed, cache use ratios etc.

The monitor categories are:

  • Sessions.  Shows the number of open, system and idle sessions for the database.
  • Call Rates.  Shows the number of calls per second to your server. Specific counters are provided according to the operations carried out: parse, execute ,commit or rollback.
  • Miss Rates.  Shows the percentage of calls to the database that did not use a cache. When using a standard application, the processing of calls to the database is speeded up by the use of database caches. These performance counters will show the caches‘ efficiency.
  • Indexed Queries.  Shows the percentage of SQL requests using indexes.
  • Logical IO.  Shows the number of blocks per second for each of the logical accesses.
  • Physical IO.  Shows the number of blocks per second for each of the physical accesses.
  • Event Waits.  Shows the wait time in seconds for a particular event.
  • SGA Memory.  Shows the SGA (System Global Area) memory allocated to the various pools and buffers, in Kb.
  • Miscellaneous.  Provides various ratios to help optimize database settings for the requests made to it.

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