Kaazing Monitoring

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Kaazing is the leading enterprise web and mobile communication platform for live data delivery. The platform utilizes WebSocket and supports a comprehensive range of enterprise protocols including message-oriented protocols.

NeoLoad is Ready!

Kaazing Monitoring Module

The NeoLoad monitoring module for Kaazing provides full insights on the gateway behavior including number of sessions, session detail, and number of messages exchanged, enabling testers to make sure the platform is operating as expected. Capabilities include:

  • Monitors if the client sends too many messages to the gateway
  • Checks the server’s behavior: is the volume of information sent to clients under control?
  • Exposes all available counters provided by Kaazing Servers
  • Includes default thresholds for key counters like “NumberOfSessionsWithExceptions”
  • Support all Kaazing editions: JMS, AMQP, XMPP, custom protocol

Thanks to NeoLoad, you can create scenarios to test your Kaazing applications‘ behavior under stress and validate the performance, while pinpointing any bottlenecks. Load testing your applications with NeoLoad means you can move your apps into production with peace of mind and at a reasonable cost.

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