JOnAS Monitoring

NeoLoad is able to monitor your JOnAS Application Servers during a load test using the JMX (Java Management Extension) protocol. The monitors require no specific installation on your server and are not intrusive (no WAR to install, no classpath to change etc.).


  • Preconfigured Monitoring: Each module ships pre-configured with the performance counters tailored to your system.
  • Threshold Alerts: NeoLoad provides threshold values –derived from industry best practices- to raise the appropriate alerts.
  • Agentless Monitoring: The design of our monitoring modules, based on industry standards, ensures non-intrusive remote monitoring.
  • Real Time: The counter values and the threshold alerts are available as soon as the test is run.
  • Import: Import data from external monitoring tools.

Note: All the modules are included with the free edition.

Performance Counters

JOnAS monitors are divided into 8 categories:

  • Servlet. This section allows the user to monitor each servlets by application.
  • Sessions. This section allows the user to monitor the sessions for each application:
  • JCA Resource. This section allows the user to monitor JCA server resources.
  • JMS.
  • Server Proxy. This section allows the user to monitor the state of each servers of the domain.
  • DataSource. Provides data source connection pool information for each data source.
  • Transactions. Monitors transactions for the whole server.
  • EJB. Monitors invocation counts for each EJB

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