Messaging protocols

When Message Brokers are involved in an application architecture, it makes sense to test the Messaging infrastructure to make sure it’s reliable independently of the other part of the application like the Web front-end.

NeoLoad allows you to test the following messaging protocols:

  • MQTT 
    • Connect/Disconnect from the broker
    • Publish a message
    • Subscribe to a topic
    • Receive the content of the message sent by the broker
    • Unsubscribe from topic
  • JMS
    • Connect/Disconnect from the broker
    • Handle Queues: receive, send, receive and send a message
    • Handle Topics: subscribe to a topic, publish a message, receive a message, Unsubscribe from topic
  • AMQP
    • Connect/Disconnect from the broker
    • Handle channels: create/close.
    • Handle exchanges: declare, publish message, delete
    • Handle queues: declare, consume message, delete

The following protocol is also covered as an experimental Labs content:

  • IBM MQ Queue – for a native IBM MQ Queue connection used in conjunction with the JMS actions.

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