Load Testing & Monitoring SAP Applications

SAP® Applications are Widely Used in Global Enterprises

SAP is the market leader in Enterprise application software in the areas of:

  • ERP and Digital Core
  • Analytics
  • Business Intelligence
  • Fastest growing amongst the top four database vendors

SAP offers a broad portfolio of modular and suite solutions available on-premise, in the cloud and hybrid deployments. SAP customers have a full choice of consumption model. SAP is also a Top Cloud Vendor, operating 49 Cloud data centers in 29 locations in 14 countries for a user base of over 150 million subscribers. SAP’s cloud portfolio covers more than 100 solutions for Lines of business (LoB) and business suites.


Why is Performance Important for SAP Applications?

Enterprise companies rely on SAP applications, like ECC, CRM, and S/4 HANA as business-critical building blocks for their core operations. Because of their importance in day-to-day operations, these applications must be constantly tested to avoid outages and slowdowns due to new application upgrades, service packs, customizations, and enhancement packages. Failure in these key systems is just not an option; reliability must be assured. Failure to detect and react quickly to performance degradation can mean your business can slow to a crawl.

Changes to business IT and operational structure, changes to technical infrastructure and software upgrades, and new or changing regulatory requirements are potential drivers for the rapid evolution of business-critical applications. These changes place pressure on application performance testing teams to ensure that testing best practices evolve rapidly.

The imperatives of rapid innovation (for example, migrating to S/4 HANA and the changes needed to support it) are precisely why a robust performance testing approach for SAP applications is a key strategy of leading companies to lower risk and ensure optimal performance. Unfortunately, without the use of advanced performance testing tools like Neotys’ NeoLoad, the task of ensuring end user experience doesn’t degrade as changes are made falls on internal users and customers, who are expected to report slowdowns – in addition to their other duties. Of course, the complexity of what needs to be tested is also increasing. A typical business process commonly involves beyond just SAP applications, and involves the underlying APIs, components, microservices, mobile applications, customized back-end systems, and in-house developed applications.

To respond to all these challenges, leading enterprises have found that using an advanced Performance Testing tool like NeoLoad is critical for detecting and mitigating impacts to core business functions.

NeoLoad: Performance Testing Excellence for your SAP Applications

As SAP continues to center its focus on S/4 HANA, and on driving adoption of updated versions of key SAP applications, many mid-market and large companies are in the midst of a transformation of their application middleware infrastructure.

Your load and performance testing tools’ ability to take into account the specific nature of SAP applications is an essential prerequisite for testing and monitoring SAP applications. To be useful in these changing environments, a performance testing tools must be capable of automatically adapting to application updates to help speed up the work of testing. That’s why SAP environments can benefit from NeoLoad’s rich set of features and benefits – faster testing cycles, ease of use and automation advantage (for example, the NeoLoad User Path Update capability) over competing solutions.

Thanks to NeoLoad, you can create test scenarios to test your SAP applications’ behavior under stress and validate their performance, while pinpointing any weaknesses. Realistically testing your applications with NeoLoad means you can enter the production phase with confidence, while reducing the costs associated with performance testing and help mitigate the risk to your business due to poor application performance.

SAP – NeoLoad Integration Technical Details

SAP – NeoLoad Integration Technical Details

NeoLoad: Validating SAP Application Performance

NeoLoad lets you test the behavior under heavy load for a wide range of SAP applications. With NeoLoad, you can:

  • Conduct realistic load testing for your SAP applications with confidence
  • Validate SAP application performance and pinpoint any performance bottlenecks or weaknesses
  • Reduce the costs and headaches associated with performance testing complex or hybrid applications
  • Help mitigate the risk to your business due to poor user experience

All at a lower total cost for performance testing!



It would be difficult to overstate the importance of SAP’s flagship application, S/4 HANA, to enterprise companies globally. S/4 HANA’s capabilities include real-time processing for transactions and analytics for all of a company’s data in a single in-memory platform.
However, even applications running on top of extremely capable platforms like S/4 HANA can be slow in production if they aren’t rigorously tested against realistic load test scenarios throughout their SDLC. That’s why it pays to validate application performance and establish performance benchmarks prior to launching new or modified applications on the SAP HANA platform.

Performance Testing Considerations
S/4HANA comes with a large set of new SAP UI5-based applications. But there is still significant functionality that requires the use of “classical” SAP GUI applications.Generally, HANA uses a intermediate layer to interact with the DB (Web server). Load generation using NeoLoad through the use of SQL injection is possible by using a JDBC driver. Of course, Neotys’ SAP experts are ready to guide you through all these different technology choices.


NeoLoad is Mobile-Ready – SAP FIORI

The details of managing the differences across browsers and devices for performance testing today’s responsive applications can be daunting. NeoLoad supports OpenUI5, a JavaScript application framework designed to build cross-platform, responsive, enterprise-ready applications. NeoLoad supports this framework. Through this framework, NeoLoad frees you from concerns about device specifics, since UI5-based apps run on smartphones, tablets, and desktops and automatically adapt to each device’s capabilities to make the most of the available “real estate”.

NeoLoad natively allows you to create realistic mobile load tests that accurately represent real users in the real world – with different network conditions, a variety of browsers and specific devices and geographic locations.

  • Record Any Mobile App
  • Validate Performance Under Realistic Network Conditions
  • Ensure Performance on Real Devices & Browsers Under Load

SAP Web Applications – SAP ERP, SAP Business Objects (BO), SAP Hybris

SAP’s back office applications are becoming more and more accessible through web-based technologies. NeoLoad is well-suited to support this trend, with advanced capabilities in the areas of:

SAP Web Applications – SAP ERP, SAP Business Objects (BO), SAP Hybris

Testing and monitoring all of your SAP Web applications is incredibly easy with Smart Record for Business Solutions (SAP) which makes it easier to manage a business framework, using a system based on a set of rules designed specifically for SAP WAS. The type of dialog passing between the client machine and the server is recognized and automatically adapted.


SAP GUI is SAP’s universal client for accessing SAP functionality in SAP applications. NeoLoad has the ability to load test SAP applications using the SAP GUI client in SAP ERP’s 3-tier architecture of database, application server and client. The SAP GUI script typically contains several SAP transactions which make up a business process, and consists of functions that emulate user actions. SAP GUI support in NeoLoad allows recording and playback for these transactions through the creation of virtual users paths.


The NeoLoad SAP recorder records all applications accessed from your SAP logon, and uses that information to obtain the SAP GUI user path. During replay, these SAP GUI virtual users are used in conjunction with NeoLoad load generators to pilot SAP Logon Clients.


The SAP NetWeaver Application Server (a.k.a WebAS) is one of the technical foundations for many SAP applications.NetWeaver is the runtime environment for the SAP applications, including the mySAP Business Suite. Monitoring for NetWeaver applications is performed through the use of a dedicated monitor in NeoLoad. For more information on SAP application infrastructure monitoring, visit our page on SAP NetWeaver Monitoring.

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