Load Testing & Monitoring Adobe RTMP Applications

You use RTMP!

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You have decided to use RTMP for your Flash or Flex / Air applications, whether for audio or video content or application data exchanges using either the classic method or Push. Your application’s data takes advantage of a fast, bidirectional and optimized channel that supports the data „push“ from the server.

Neotys is ready!

RTMP Support

Neotys’ RTMP support allows you to:

  • Record the RTMP traffic to be played back.
  • Extract/replace RTMP data during the test in order to variabilize the calls (the data is presented in XML format in the scenario).
  • Handle the Push data sent. RTMP Push is handled in the same way as with Push, without the need for the Push module.

“Make sure it works!”

Thanks to Neotys, you can create scenarios to test and monitor your RTMP applications‘ behavior under stress, and validate their performance while pinpointing any weaknesses. Realistically testing and monitoring your RTMP applications with NeoLoad and NeoSense means you can deliver better performance to your customers at a lower total cost of ownership.

RTMP Technical Details

Neotys brings you support of:

  • RTMP: standard version of the protocol
  • RTMPT: RTMP encapsulated in HTTP
  • RTMPS: RTMP using the SSL socket

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