Load Testing & Monitoring Oracle Forms Applications

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Oracle Forms is Oracle’s rapid application development tool (RAD) for creating and deploying cross-platform applications that work within a web browser, using a special Java applet. This technology, which provides easily-assembled graphic components, allows users to develop applications faster.

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Oracle Forms Support

Since Oracle Forms is based on a binary protocol, load testing and monitoring Oracle Forms applications requires this protocol to be specifically supported. Neotys’ Oracle Forms support allows you to:

  • Record the Oracle Forms traffic to be played back.
  • Extract/replace data during the test in order to variabilize the calls (the data is presented in XML format in the scenario).
  • Automatically handle the session IDs used by Oracle Forms.

For information on infrastructure monitoring, visit our page on Oracle Application Server monitoring.


A short animation demonstrating a load test for Oracle Forms applications helps explain how Neotys supports this technology.

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Thanks to Neotys, you can create scenarios to stress test and monitor your Oracle Forms applications‘ behavior and validate their performance while pinpointing any weaknesses. Realistically testing and monitoring your applications with NeoLoad and NeoSense means you can deliver better performance to your customers at a lower total cost of ownership.

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