Load Testing LiveCycle Workspace Applications

NeoLoad is the software designed to load test Flex applications that use LiveCycle Data Services ES application services, realistically simulating users and analyzing your servers’ behavior. Thanks to its intuitive interface and advanced wizards, you will quickly be able to start using NeoLoad’s exclusive features to: Test more quickly:

  • Automatic handling of your Flex / LiveCycle application’s dynamic parameters without the use of scripts.
  • Intuitive analysis of your LiveCycle ES servers’ resources, thanks to the pre-configured monitors.
  • Automatically generated reports that identify the critical points and hotspots.

Test more efficiently:

  • Add custom rules to correlate dynamic parameters and handle application’s framework.
  • Debug mode to fine-tune your virtual users in more complex cases.
  • Real-time monitoring of test runs (requests/responses for each V.U.).
  • JavaScript Add-on’s for further customizing scenarios.

LiveCycle Workspace application load test Screencast

The following screencast shows you how you can perform a load test on your Adobe® LiveCycle® Workspace applications with NeoLoad®. Thanks to its Flex applications support, you will see in this 8 minutes movie how easily you can test a Workspace LiveCycle application. The LiveCycle Worskpace application provides workflow to manage and automate personalized communications with your customers. It increases operational efficiencies by automating the generation of personalized electronic and paper documents. You will discover:

  • how NeoLoad works
  • a short presentation of the Adobe LiveCycle Workspace application
  • a record of a test scenario with NeoLoad
  • the parameterization of the recorded scenario
  • the configuration of the server infrastructure monitoring

NeoLoad and Flex

NeoLoad v3 brings support of:

  • Flex for Web and AIR applications on user desktop,
  • The AMF protocol (Action script Messaging Format) in version 0 and 3,
  • Flex Messaging Service, allowing data push by polling, long-polling or streaming requests through HTTP,
  • Externalized object transport,
  • Flash Remoting objects content in Flex messages,
  • AMFX, the AMF serialized XML format.
  • Cairngorm Framework,
  • Adobe LiveCycle Data Services ES and Flex Data Services application services.

Furthermore, NeoLoad allows you to monitor LiveCycle ES application services during load tests, resulting in a speedier diagnosis of performance slowdowns. Start right now by: Downloading the trial version of NeoLoad. Discover our dedicated Adobe Flex load testing section. Contact us for further information.

LCDS, LiveCycle, Flex, AMF, AIR and FLASH are trademarks of Adobe Systems incorporated in U.S.A and other countries.

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