Load Testing and Monitoring HTML5 Applications

Significant momentum has been building in the use of HTML5 + CSS3 + JavaScript to develop new rich internet applications, for desktops and mobile devices. The trend leads to heavier and more complex web pages which must still perform well enough to satisfy today’s demanding users . Load testing and monitoring HTML5 applications helps ensure they will perform as intended even with a high volume of simultaneous users. Most HTML5 applications connect to the server the same way as for regular HTML, so Neotys can perfectly test and monitor most HTML5 applications exactly the same way as with any classic HTML application. Additionally, Neotys provides dedicated support for HTML5 Server-Sent Events during interactions with the server. Neotys „Push“ support handles the HTML5 normalized method of receiving push notifications by handling push channels natively. Through this approach, the various types of messages sent by the server can be handled seamlessly and efficiently so you get all the performance metrics and insight into HTML5 applications as you do with PUSH or classic HTML applications.

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