About Neotys Labs

Through Neotys Labs, Neotys provides early access to APIs and extensions you can use to customize and extend the behavior of NeoLoad.

Neotys Labs has a couple of operating goals:
Be a host for, and grant access to, open source projects that have a high maturity level
Allow users to experiment with code that supports new technologies or that provides integration with other tools
Almost all Neotys Labs projects are open-source; that is, you can adapt the code we provide for your needs or use it as an example for implementing your own technology support or specific tool integration.

Maturity Levels

The assets published on Neotys Labs may have different levels of maturity: Experimental – This is experimental work that has not gone through Neotys’ quality assurance process and likely does not meet Neotys quality standards. Stable – These assets have passed through the full Neotys quality assurance process at least once


Neotys does not provide support for these downloadable assets; they are not Neotys’ products. The assets listed here are intended to be used by experts and may require some coding ability. Note some assets may be removed from this page without notice, from time to time, for various reasons. These reasons include, but are not limited to, plans to incorporate into NeoLoad or the asset proved to have limited use. Discontinued assets may be used in future versions of NeoLoad, even if they have been removed from Neotys Labs.


A specific NeoLoad edition and/or option may be required to use these assets. Refer to the NeoLoad requirement for each asset. Feel free to contact sales@neotys.com for a trial license if you want to evaluate an asset.

3rd-Party Integrations

Neoload Technology Support