Wie man Leistungstests in eine DevOps-Umgebung einpasst

DevOps environments demand shorter development cycles and a healthy amount of automation, while performance testing is time-consuming and requires manual human action. So, how can you execute thorough performance tests in a fast-paced environment and integrate performance testing tools with a DevOps tool chain?

If you’re testing in a DevOps or any other time-constrained environment, you need to accelerate your performance testing cycles.

Watch this web seminar to learn how organizations can adopt smart performance testing techniques while still adhering to agile and DevOps principles.

You’ll also learn:

  • The impact of DevOps on the nature of performance testing
  • What parts of performance testing can be automated in a DevOps environment
  • How the role of performance tester is evolving
  • Whether performance testing is morphing into performance engineering

Wie man Leistungstests in eine DevOps-Umgebung einpasst

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