Andrew Peace | Software Integration Manager

NeoLoad Helps Pave Way for PrismHR’s Continuous Integration Adoption


PrismHR is the largest payroll, benefits, and HR software platform for Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) and Administrative Service Organizations (ASOs). It powers more than 80,000 organizations, delivering payroll, benefits, and HR to greater than two million worksite employees, processing over $55 billion in payroll annually. The PrismHR platform is a complete, integrated HR solution supporting the full “hire-to-retire” lifecycle of HR services.

End User Experience Solution Critical

As first-time performance and load test tool users, when PrismHR first incorporated NeoLoad into its process, they were testing against single parts of the product. Since then, PrismHR has expanded NeoLoad’s workload to include architectural (OS, Middleware, third-party tool updates) and software changes prior to release into production. They now feel confident in their re-test scenario ability whether updates are made to components or the whole product itself.

“Having this new data made us think about all of our systems. We have tools for monitoring at the system level, but needed a way to measure product speed at the user level,” says Andrew Peace, Software Integration Manager at PrismHR. The tools Peace’s team are using monitor memory, CPU and network traffic, and other system information. With NeoLoad, they are able to evaluate the end-user experience. “Not only can we now see changes to performance for each release, we also have the data to compare and contrast against past releases,” Peace confirms. This can and has a useful utility as they were able to make changes to their iSCSI drives, and were quickly able to review and evaluate performance improvement immediately. PrismHR appreciates this data as it helps display trends, allowing them to address an issue before it occurs.

Observations Based on NeoLoad Benefits

  • “We needed a way of testing against all our systems without impacting any individual one.”
  • “Testing could potentially use a percentage of the system’s resources.”
    • Concerns Peace contends were avoided as a result of using NeoLoad’s effortless scripting function
    • The team has also come to appreciate NeoLoad’s simple test scenario re-use, “We were able to build tests once against isolated data accounts, and because scripts were the same, we could easily compare the systems against one another.”

What’s Next for PrismHR?

NeoLoad will be assimilated into the Continuous Integration (CI) toolchain – running load tests as part of the daily build process. “We look forward to working with NeoLoad to get this new testing implemented. This will allow us to uncover performance issues earlier when it’s easier and less costly to fix as well as push us toward putting test automation to work for us,” states Peace confidently.

Perhaps on par with the cost savings and automation benefits characteristic of CI adoption is PrismHR’s ability to leverage speed and quality benchmark data for performance Service Level Agreement(s) creation.

Human Resource Service

We look forward to working more with NeoLoad as it will allow us to uncover performance issues earlier when it’s easier and less costly to fix…